Kanye West

My Letter to Kanye West

Dear Kanye,

You’ve turned into an idiot and I would love for you to think straight again.

You can claim yourself to be greater or as great as Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, etc; but just understand that none of those guys boasted themselves like you do, especially in the public light. You’ve made unparalleled music for years now, just like Steve Jobs and Michelangelo have created their masterpieces. They would’ve tarnished their legacy if they went around talking about how hard life is because they’re unable to achieve a level of “success” trying to be trendsetter — those geniuses found satisfaction in what they created and how they changed the world. You’re not changing the world by spending every day complaining about rich-people problems.

You talk too much about what your struggles are even though you’re at the top. You’re not at the top. Diddy isn’t at the top, nor is Jay-Z. The people truly at the top laugh at you and your comparisons that you make when trying to exemplify the struggles you’ve had in the fashion industry trying to breakthrough as a fashion mogul. Please stop embarrassing yourself while you still have a chance to redeem yourself. Even if you live to see a time when you’ve surpassed these fashion-industry billionaires, you will not be at the top.

Has Jay-Z’s humble behaviour (in public, at least) not taught you anything? He’s made it from shit to success, I can say that with confidence and have more than enough reasons to back up that claim. Don’t you think Jay-Z has a right to complain about the “struggles” that are involved when you’re at a successful point, as you probably believe you are?

You talk about slavery? Do you even know what slavery was like? You’re disrespecting your people when you compare any of your struggles to that of slavery.

I admire your artwork from the early days of College Dropout. You’ve changed for the worse as a person and have let that get the best of your artistic side. I hope you can read this one day.


LinkedIn API + Twitter Bootstrap 3 + AngularJS

LinkedIn API with AngularJS

I’ve finally uploaded my LinkedIn project on github. You can check out a live demo here (no information is stored at the moment).

It makes use of AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap 3 paired with LinkedIn’s API to generate an aesthetically-pleasing resume. I am sure if I extend it enough, it has the potential be another way for people to market themselves and their skillset — at least when it comes to the digital industry.

Comments/suggestions always welcome.

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