1. Bill Cosby and The Importance of Speaking Up When Something’s Wrong

    November 21, 2014 by Zain

    Cosby has been a lovable icon in the entertainment industry and that’s something we don’t have to go over. At the moment, however, that feeling of love has been diminishing for people with the rising number of allegations against him by former colleagues for, and not limited to, molestation and rape. There have been arguments about the legitimacy of these allegations, mainly because it has taken the alleged victims of Cosby’s abuse to come out after at least 10 years. Is it for 15-minutes of fame or are these people really victims of a criminal that should’ve been locked up years ago?

    In either case, something beyond the allegations is very wrong. The fact that it’s taken these alleged victims to come forward after a decade is disturbing. If these allegations are true, the fact that Bill Cosby was allowed all these years to walk freely, living in a society filled with children and being in the entertainment sub-genre catered to families is disturbing. I can imagine how difficult it might be for a victim to come forward about something as horrible as molestation, especially when you’re just a kid. But if you’re 18 yrs old and you’ve been raped by someone, why not come out and make life easier for a lot of people including yourself? By coming forward you will probably:

    1. punish the abuser;
    2. make the general public aware of the abuser;
    3. prevent further abuse;
    4. get some sort of closure vs. living in silent agony for years.

    With such reasons to come forward, it’s hard for me to understand why multiply people have remained quiet until now? I can see why one person coming forward would initiate a chain reaction of allegations surfacing; but still, there’s no reason to not nip it in the bud so others may not be hurt from the same thing. This situation is bizarre to me for this one reason and I am seriously questioning the allegations as a result. Children need to be taught by their parents the importance of speaking up when something is not right. Parents should also try and make the public aware of something/someone that might endanger the safety of the children.

    By no way am I supporting the unproven actions of Bill Cosby that has gotten him in such a mess. I hope justice prevails in the end.

  2. LinkedIn API with AngularJS

    February 27, 2014 by Zain

    I’ve finally uploaded my LinkedIn project on github. You can check out a live demo here (no information is stored at the moment).

    It makes use of AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap 3 paired with LinkedIn’s API to generate an aesthetically-pleasing resume. I am sure if I extend it enough, it has the potential be another way for people to market themselves and their skillset — at least when it comes to the digital industry.

    Comments/suggestions always welcome.

  3. Back to WordPress

    February 26, 2014 by Zain

    After installing AnchorCMS, I have decided to go back to “my roots” – WordPress. AnchorCMS didn’t even come close to what WordPress has to offer in terms of out-of-the-box features as well as extendibility.

    Let’s get started.